thx to the following people...

Ian Luck for BASS

radix and maturefurk for the soundtrack

exceed for the nice environment map

the artist(s) of the three backgrounds I used - I'd like to give proper credits so if you know their names please fill me in


rgen tzel, my project mentor



there are a couple of other people I'd like to mention who indirectly contributed...

Thanks to all guys at Totally Games! Been involved in one of their projects got me started with vertex and pixel shaders in the first place. Special thanks to Tim and Larry for inviting me to visit the "NV20 kitchens" and giving me plenty of room to experiment; James, Misha, Basil and Tim (again :) for all "3D coding geek" type of conversations resulting in some really cool ideas. A big hi to the rest of the team, especially to the AOK gang (Kris, Samir, Sam and all the others)... I always hated real time strategy and they made me play it :)

Also thanks to NVIDIA developer relations for their support and helpful insights, especially Cem Cebenoyan, Kenneth Hurley and Richard Huddy. I think I should mention Jim Black here as well :)

Thanks to Fred, Vyktoria and Scott for being the nice people that they are... it's been great sharing a place with you!

"Ein riessiges Dankeschoen" to Thomas, Kirke and Dirk for all the madness we went through together here at university and for constantly pushing me to go a step further!

"Hallo" to Christian, Christiane and Alex, Mandy and David, Claudia and Danny, Micha, Danielle and Silvio, Yvonne and Marc, Ute and Dirk (including their two little ones, Ulrike and Mathias :) and last but certainly not least a special hi to Katja. She really seemed to like the demo despite the fact that I still owe her a real gourmet dinner which had to be deferred more than a couple of times due to multiple reasons (one being the demo itself :P). That's totally unacceptable and I'm gonna make it up to you in the near future. Promised!



what Meshuggah stands for...

Translated from Yiddish it means crazy. It's also the name of a Swedish metal band -- actually I don't even think they are terrestrials -- I discovered recently and whose music inspires me a lot. These guys are total pros at their instruments and they go far beyond what you'd normally expect from music of this genre. The drummer seems to have extra limbs implanted, given the speed at which he's able to play all these twisted rhythms! Once you've listened to them you'll agree that meshuggah is a perfect fit to describe their music and as one word it pretty much stands for what I felt while putting this thingy together.


Last update on 2002-03-17


Meshuggah Demo and Effect browser.
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